7 Ideas to propose

Love is sweet. And everyone seeks to have a taste. Perhaps, the perfect taste of love is the romantic sweetness stirred between you and your lover – as you spend moments and thoughts together in awe of each other. However, there is a higher plain. Love, in its purest form, comes alive when you finally decide to pop the question: Would you marry me?

Suddenly, at that moment, your relationship is about to enter into a whole new level. Your heart skips a bit as you rehearse those words. You can’t help but wonder what the outcome would be – especially that you can’t take her out during this confinement. Neither can you throw the desired proposal party. Well, don't sweat that so hard. Here is your way out. These are fascinating proposal styles ideally suited to provide the magic effect for you, even in this lockdown. We've got seven styles here. And you can bet anyone you choose will absolutely get the job done. 


This proposal is particularly cute.

Place design on your refrigerator with refrigerator magnets, or sticky notes containing the clause, “Will you marry me?”

Now, it’s time for the magical surprise element. Ask your soon-to-be-fiancée to help you grab a snack in the fridge. Slowly and quietly, follow her. The magic would be waiting for her there. As she stands in awe of the question, she gently turns back. There you are, in front of her, on one knee, with a diamond ring in hand as you sing those words to her ears this time: “Will you marry me?” That’s Epic!


The Helium Glow

This proposal effect is as beautiful as the handwriting of an angel at night. Here, you make use of helium paints (which you can easily order online). Take those paints and carefully write the powerful four-word question on the ceiling or sidewall of your bedroom. Act as if nothing just happened and wait for the dark. Now, invite her into the room at night and be on the bed with her, seemingly staring at the ceiling aimlessly. Switch off the lights and wait for her gasp. Boom! 


From Memories to the Future

Nostalgia! It always gets people. So use this to your advantage in getting your best wedding proposal. Do you remember those pictures the two of you took together? Yes, all the adventure and random pictures that you have with her? It's time to use them. Print them out and arrange them across the house with a tiny string or rope. Let it tell a story. You probably might attach a personal comment of when and where the photograph was taken and what that means to you. As you probably have guessed, you would be at the end of the rope waiting for her with a designer ring in hand. Then you pop the question. Ta-da!


Flaming Love

 Did you know that if you use this style, you will be sending a very romantic signal? This style requires you to be careful, though. You see, you would need fire and an engagement ring. The fire would be lit around the ring and a pretty note containing the four-word question that is sweet to her ears. I will recommend making use of candles on a table to achieve this effect, though because it is safer. Eureka! Don't forget to do this while she is asleep, so she wakes up to this awesome goodness.


The Tiny Pieces of My Heart

This is also called sticky notes magic! You see, with this particular proposal style, you achieve more with the least. You get some sticky notes or small square-sized papers, write some sweet things about your lover, and make a trail of it around the house. You place the short sticky note memo in different places in the house and give a hint on the last note of where the next one can be found. Some sweet adventure, right? Wait for her at the location of the final piece of the puzzle and watch her blush as she reads the beautiful question, “Will you marry me?”

The next thing? Well, you can guess that already, it’s you on one knee with the exceptional ring in hand. Simple, beautiful, adventurous!

Propose during lockdown

Check This Out!

This style is unique. You don’t need stickers or designs or fire for this one. Remember your Facebook profile page? Or is it even WhatsApp or Instagram? Yes, those. You need them now. You get a lovely picture of your soon-to-be-fiancée and make it your profile picture. Then add the remark, “My Fiancée." Show it to your lover and say: ‘Hey dear, check this out, what do you think?' Leave them in shock for a few seconds to find out what just happened—the ta-da effect. Epic right?

Trivia Night Shocker!

Have you ever had a trivia night before? No? Well, it’s pretty simple. You play some quiz games with your friends over the Internet, advisably through video conferencing calls. Here is how you go about the proposal using this trivia night. Speak with your group of friends other than your lover ahead of your time on your plan to propose. Then plan with them on popping up the question as a quiz during the game. Cool. 

So, it’s night and time for the trivia. After a couple of quiz rounds with your friends on the Internet, say three. On the fourth round, when it gets to your turn, you pop the question to your lover, who is right beside you, playing the game with you. Can you imagine the shock on your lover's face? Priceless right?


You see how to get that blush on your lover’s face without even having to go out to get the outdoor feel. The ecstatic shock on her face is enough magic to pass the night. But remember, the ring is central to these proposal styles. It’s got to be designed. That’s the spice in the delivery of your chosen proposal style. And guess what? You are one click away from that ring here. Catarino Jewels is home to all lofty designs of engagement rings your heart may desire.