Catarino jewels was born in 2009, João Filipe Catarino is the designer and Head jeweller.

The brand aims to create fine jewellery pieces in the vanguard of design, integrating Portuguese traditional Filigree with a modern aproach to fine jewellery.

The mission consists in showing to the world that tradition can be preserved in modern design, and the Portuguese tradition have a voice to be heard.


The designer
My name is João Filipe Catarino, I design and make the most unique handmade jewellery of our time.
My experience across the world and sensibility to capture the feminine essence when I design, make each piece of jewellery special.
I studied Jewellery making in the best schools of Europe and I'm a G.I.A. acredited  jewellery designer. I also won design contests and I`ve made the crown for Miss Portugal 2010.